Projects: prototyping


The HAVSense® Hand-arm vibration dosimeter measures vibration dosage in accordance with current ISO and European standards. It is wireless, and is worn between the fingers while operating power machinery. It can be worn inside a work glove without problems. It warns the user when first 50% and then 100% of the maximum allowable 24-hour exposure is reached. Detailed records of vibration exposure can be downloaded to a PC so that long term records can be maintained. A calibrator allows the device to be precisely calibrated on site.

Advanced pressure tester

The Advanced Pressure Tester is a system for testing new-laid gas pipes for leaks before the trench is backfilled. Using an acoustic system developed by Cambridge Applied Physics` for Advantica, the APT measures the average temperature of the gas in a pipe during pressure testing. The effects of temperature on gas pressure can then be allowed for so that leaks can be detected via the extremely small decay in gas pressure over time that a typical leak produces. The measurement is made from one end of the gas pipe and is entirely non invasive.

The picture shows a tester attached to a pipe under test.

The APT was developed for Advantica PLC.

Ultrasonic water mains condition measurement

The UK has thousands of miles of water mains, made of materials ranging from cement, through cast iron, to modern plastics. The water companies need to be able to assess the state of these pipes in situ, rapidly and economically. Cambridge Applied Physics has developed a range of ultrasonic transducer arrays for measuring water pipe size and wall thickness, and detecting corrosion, cracks, leaks, joints, valves, linings and other features. The arrays are battery-powered and miniaturised, designed to be carried inside instrument packages that can pass through kilometres of water pipe while information is continuously recorded. They are currently on trial with a major water company.

The pictures show a 16-channel array control board with one of its ultrasonic transducers and a water pipe acoustic/ultrasonic survey vehicle.

Pipe tracer

CAP is currently developing an acoustic system for tracing buried water pipes made of any material, including plastic and metal. Contact us for further details.