About us

At Cambridge Applied Physics we provide a bespoke research and development service to our clients. We provide new solutions to problems in the field of acoustics and vibration, ranging from seismic exploration technology at the lowest frequencies to ultrasonic inspection at the highest. We develop hardware for the transmission and reception of acoustic signals, and software packages for modelling and data analysis.

Cambridge Applied Physics was founded in 1991 as Mecon Ltd to produce numerical modelling software based on the object-oriented approach. After successfully producing a fast boundary-element modelling package, Mecon extended its activities to include contract research and development.

Mecon’s founder, Dr Martin Thompson (now retired), came from a numerical modelling and dynamical testing background. Its managing director, Dr Mark Harper, joined in 1995 to develop the consultancy arm of the business. Mark has worked in geophysical radar, exploration seismology, and has developed a wide range of acoustics-related technologies for non-contact sensing, acoustic sources, and noise and vibration control.

Dr Michael Blakemore is a Principal Scientist at Cambridge Applied Physics. Trained as a mathematician, he has been working since 1980 in areas relating to acoustics and vibration – firstly for Topexpress, the innovative spin-out from Cambridge University, and later for QinetiQ at Farnborough where he specialised in aircraft noise. Mike joined CAP in August 2011.

Since 1995, Cambridge Applied Physics has worked mainly for the oil, gas, water and wind power industries on a wide range of problems to do with sensing, monitoring, inspection, and modelling.

Cambridge Applied Physics also carries out speculative research, developing products for markets arising from its core activities.

CAP has received five UK government awards for research and technology development.

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